Preventing Losses
in Metal Recovery

from Ore and Secondary
Raw Materials

Don't Let Analytical Capacity Limit Your Company's Performance

Designed for the needs of the mining industry, TESCAN TIMA stands out in ore characterization, processing large sample volumes with its advanced automation and high analytical throughput, perfect for service labs.

Achieving remarkable speed with multiple detectors, innovative analytical modes, and efficient spectral summing, TIMA boosts throughput while minimizing risk of downtime. This approach strategically decreases analysis time by reducing the number of analytical points.

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No Need to Choose between Large Area Elemental Maps and High-Quality Spectra

Representative analysis of samples often requires mapping across large areas or multiple replicates without compromising the detailed, high-quality spectra necessary for comprehensive pixel-by-pixel mapping.

TIMA, with TESCAN's specialized spectral summing, merges spectra from adjacent pixels of the same phase. This allows for the acquisition of high-quality, low-noise spectra and comprehensive elemental maps simultaneously, ensuring no compromise between precision and coverage.

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Securing Data Reproducibility and Reliability

In mineral processing, automated mineralogy is critical, demanding data of the highest reproducibility and reliability. TESCAN TIMA mitigates instrumental inconsistencies with built-in standards for recalibration, ensuring consistent, accurate data for process mineralogy and geometallurgy.

Never Miss even the Tiniest Gold Grain

Gold and platinum group element (PGE) minerals, known for their relatively low grade and fine grain size, present significant characterization challenges.

TESCAN TIMA excels in identifying fine grained gold and PGE minerals even at the submicron level, thanks to its small electron beam spot size and the capability to identify minerals using low-count X-ray spectra.

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Streamlined New Phase Recognition

TESCAN TIMA enhances new mineral phase recognition with a two-tier database system.

The primary database houses essential data and reference spectra for a comprehensive range of minerals, alongside access to an extensive web-based database for in-depth mineral information. This setup significantly simplifies mineral identification by matching unknown spectra with the database.

The secondary database delves deeper, outlining specific rules for distinguishing individual phases with respect to their associations and solid solution presence. Importantly, users have the flexibility to expand this database, enhancing the system's adaptability and accuracy in phase identification.

Forensic Precision in Investigating Mineral Processing Losses

Mining complex ores goes hand in hand with metal recovery excursions, often resulting in considerable losses. Understanding and preventing these issues necessitate in-depth knowledge of the ore and the deposit.

TESCAN TIMA gives users the ability to dive into liberation analysis with high precision to understand and prevent metal recovery losses in complex ores. Customizable categorization criteria offer a nuanced approach to recovery challenges.

Dedicated to Your Success in Automated Mineralogy

TESCAN TIMA comes with detailed training and support from an expert geoscience and mineral processing team. This ensures users can fully leverage its capabilities for recovery optimization.

Additionally, TIMA's software comes with a comprehensive manual for easy reference, ensuring users have all the resources they need for efficient operation.

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