TEM lamella preparation with UHR FIB-SEM 

Take TEM sample preparation to the next level

Achieve ultra-thin, flawless, and effortlessly manageable TEM specimens 

Automated TEM lamella preparation

Unlock the power of our market-leading ion beam current and effortlessly prepare high-quality TEM specimens without being a FIB-SEM expert! Our cutting-edge technology takes the guesswork out of TEM lamella preparation and significantly increases your throughput.

And, even better, our system is designed to handle beam-sensitive materials in cryo conditions. Don't let the complexities of TEM sample preparation hold you back any longer and experience automated workflows tailored to your needs.

A consistent flow of ultra-thin TEM specimens from anyone

Gone are the days of inconsistent, time-consuming TEM sample preparation. TESCAN AutoSlicer™ automates the initial steps in the TEM sample preparation workflow, speeds up preparation time and assures sample uniformity. Rest easy knowing that your samples will meet the highest quality requirements for subsequent imaging and analysis.

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TEM prep automation

AutoSlicerTM automates FIB cross-sectioning for TEM sample preparation at multiple sites. Users can develop custom workflows unique to their samples which are then saved with AutoSlicerTM and recalled as needed.

Automated TEM lamella preparation.

Drive to the right site for TEM prep in the blink of an eye

Navigation is often the first step in the TEM lamella preparation workflow. Arriving at the correct area of interest must be fast and precise, with clearly visible points of reference to reduce the need for repeated zooming in and out to locate features.

TESCAN Wide Field Optics™ mode, a standard on all TESCAN SEMs, provides the most intuitive navigation experience.

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Wide Field™ mode

By displaying the industry’s widest undistorted field of view in a live SEM window, TESCAN Wide Field Optics™ mode makes the navigation experience more intuitive and easier than ever.

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For small scale or large-scale problems, speed always matters

When scanning materials with thick coating or large grains, large specimens may need to be lifted out. The preparation process of such specimens is significantly enhanced by the utilization of the high beam currents.

Use Cryo for the delicate preparation of liquid and soft materials

Beam and moisture sensitive, soft, liquid or semi‑liquid samples can be preserved by characterizing them under cryogenic conditions. Adding a cryo stage enables very low keV Ultra High-Resolution imaging for such samples, as well as allowing FIB cross-sectioning and TEM lamella preparation.

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TESCAN Cryo TEM preparation 

TESCAN systems are proven solutions for TEM lamella preparation in cryo conditions. Lamellas can be prepared on-grid or lifted following cryo workflows.


TEM specimens from
demanding samples

Revolutionize your TEM specimen preparation, even from the most demanding samples. With our automated TEM lamella preparation technology, you don’t need to be a FIB-SEM expert to achieve consistent, high-quality TEM specimens. Increase your specimen preparation throughput with our market-leading ion beam current and prepare TEM specimens from beam sensitive materials in cryo conditions.

Create. Customize. Share. Take full control of the sample preparation process.

EssenceTM DrawBeam precisely controls not only beam positioning, but also beam interaction with the sample surface. This helps define various milling strategies based on specific samples, because sometimes the direction of milling or exposure is crucial for producing homogeneous TEM specimens before the lift out.

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Essence™ DrawBeam is a modular, fully integrated patterning engine for FIB-SEM applications such as cross-sectioning, sample preparation for TEM, atom probe tomography or mechanical testing.

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Challenging multiphase and porous
materials? Rotate them!

For novel materials, sample thickness is not the only parameter that must be considered. In such cases, advanced lift-out techniques that allow for precise control of the sample orientation, such as rotation, are necessary to prepare a high-quality lamella from the desired geometry.

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Innovative FIB-SEM Lift-out Solution

For more advanced workflows, a rotatable nanomanipulator is placed in a unique, patented position below the FIB to allow preparation of planar, inverted, and other types of TEM samples without breaking vacuum.

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Scratch-Free and homogeneous surfaces anytime

For materials consisting of pores and multiple hard and soft phases, rocking polishing can be applied during TEM sample preparation. This eliminates artifacts on samples prone to excessive curtaining for which standard milling methods are not producing satisfactory results.

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TESCAN Rocking Stage

TESCAN Rocking Stage is fully compatible with TESCAN hardware and software to create an integrated solution for more efficient workflow execution and improved milling speed, accuracy and quality.

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All Around STEM sample
characterization on your fingertips. STEM, EDS, TKD in SEM

Final TEM sample quality can be easily confirmed directly in FIB-SEM during TEM sample preparation. Retractable STEM detectors characterize samples by taking information from different angles and deliver bright field, dark field, and high-angle dark field contrast. The characterization capabilities can be used not only for quality control of prepared TEM samples, but also for high detail analysis of the prepared samples using techniques like EDX or TKD.

Expand the characterization spectrum to the lightest elements with integrated ToF SIMS 

Expand your TEM/STEM characterization potential in Battery Research by including TOF-SIMS into the TEM/STEM specimen preparation workflow. TOF-SIMS can be effectively used before the final polishing steps to clearly indicate the presence of Li, C, H, O with nanoscale spatial resolution.

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TESCAN’s solution for secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS) integrates an orthogonal Time-of-Flight SIMS (ToF-SIMS) analyzer on a standard FIB-SEM system. The ToF-SIMS technique, which uses FIB for ionized particles generation, enables 3D chemical characterization of solid materials with high-spatial resolution and high-depth


Continuous TEM Specimen Flow with Worry-Free Sample Movements

The sample navigation process may involve movement of both the sample stage and retractable detectors as well as tilting the sample to the required orientation for analysis. Essence™ Collision model is always on guard preventing any hardware collision inside the closed FIB-SEM chamber.

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TESCAN Essence™ 3D Collision Model

The Essence™ 3D Collision Model replicates the chamber interior and stage and detector motion, creating a virtual model that prevents collisions and helps users to adjust hardware positions for collision-free movements

Download Essence 3D Collision Model Flyer

Fit the instrument to the main task

Models and Features List

Routine TEM sample preparation and versatile FIB-SEM sample characterization

Field-free UHR SEM and the most precise Ga FIB for sample preparation, nanoscale characterization and 3D analysis

  • Achieve the highest precision for routine and advanced FIB sample preparation with AMBER‘s excellent FIB resolution and class leading current density
  • Automate TEM lamella preparation from navigation to the undercut for multiple areas of interest or multiple samples, using TESCAN's Autoslicer™ module
  • Produce inverted, planar or 90° rotated TEM lamellae faster with our unique below-the-FIB nanomanipulator position supporting lift-out and rotation
  • Create complex automated milling recipes at multiple sites using our built-in DrawBeam™ nanopatterning engine
  • Boost your analytical potential by combining fully integrated, complementary techniques like EDS, EBSD, WDS, ToF-SIMS and Raman spectroscopy in one system

Advanced nanofabrication and TEM sample preparation

Ultimate resolution FIB-SEM workstation for advanced nanofabrication applications


  • Prepare high quality ultra-thin TEM lamellae and prototype precisely defined nanostructures with excellent Ga FIB resolution of SOLARIS-even at low keV
  • Prepare multiple TEM lamella specimens up to the lift out step automatically without any need for operator intervention
  • Perform ultra-high resolution low keV SEM imaging on beam-sensitive samples with SOLARIS‘ unique crossover-free immersion mode optimized for sample
  • Enhance nanofabrication possibilities with multiple gas injection system options and a variety of precursor gases that can be used either for deposition or enhanced etching
  • Develop prototype sensors, photonics and MEMS, among other devices by adding TESCAN‘s Essence™ EBL Kit to create micro- and nanostructures with specific shapes, dimensions and material composition on a variety of substrates 

Ga+ Free TEM sample prep and highest throughput FIB-SEM sample characterization 

A unique combination of plasma FIB and field-free UHR SEM for multiscale materials characterization and Ga+ Free specimen preparation

  • Prepare TEM lamella with little amorphous damage and without Ga contamination thanks to the inert Xe ions
  • Automate TEM lamella preparation from navigation to the undercut, for multiple areas of interest or multiple samples, using TESCAN's  Autoslicer™ module
  • Create complex automated milling recipes at multiple sites using our built-in DrawBeam™ nanopatterning engine 
  • Increase analytical throughput and get valuable data faster by taking advantage of our market leading — 3 μA — beam current of the plasma iFIB™ and maximum field of view up to 1 mm
  • Speed cross-sectioning and 3D FIB-SEM tomography with improved surface quality using TESCAN Rocking Stage and our TRUE-X-Sectioning method, which suppress artifacts that can occur with the use of high beam currents

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